What Are the Most Desired Features of B2B Ecommerce Solution

Does the potential b2b ecommerce solution meet your business needs? What are the most desired features of b2b ecommerce solution? Read and find out!

Let’s face it – there are endless options for your b2b business to choose from and it becomes really difficult to determine what you actually need from what is being presented to you as a platform feature.

There are some common areas that your business and your team should take into consideration when choosing b2b ecommerce solution. You need to ask – does the potential b2b ecommerce solution meet your business needs?

The b2b platform you want to use should include the most desired features and these are some of those features:

  • Technological integration and adaptability – The b2b ecommerce solutions usually require integrations with other electronic data management systems that are currently in use within your business, for example, CRM, ERP, manufacturing, and inventory systems, and etc. The integration of an ERP system into b2b ecommerce platform usually takes up to 50% of the total time and effort invested in the project.
  • Cross-channel content management – The business-to-business companies require a great deal of content to support the online catalogs, the sales process, and etc. The b2b ecommerce solution should manage and control the content across all channels.
  • Support different business models – The business-to-business organizations usually demand a single ecommerce system to support resellers, distributors, direct b2c channels, and retailers. By doing so, the B2B platform becomes B2B2B or B2B2C. To support such channels, the B2B ecommerce platform should provide a powerful catalog management, content management, promotions management, and order management.
  • Support for complex workflows – The B2B store visitors and customers demand self-service access to a much more complex range of data than it is commonly required from retail-concentrated solutions. The business-to-business platform should provide access to order history, order approvals, replenishment cycles, order sheets, multiple forms of shipment, customer establishment, purchase authorizations, and etc.

The B2B businesses of all sizes are looking to improve their ecommerce channel for stable growth over the years. All of these features are needed for running a successful b2b online store.

If you want, you can take an example of some of the most popular and fast-growing b2b ecommerce brands such as Assurant, Flexfire LED, Freund, Spectrum Audio, Human Solution, and etc. See what they are doing, how they are working, and how you can pick up a few tips.