3 Shopify B2B Trends to Follow

How to ignite your b2b growth? Here are 3 major Shopify b2b trends you will want to keep your eyes on!

Business-to-business ecommerce is a constantly expanding ecosystem of digital trade. If you are new to this world and you are not really sure what you have to do, don’t worry as we have some great things to share with you.

If you have selected Shopify b2b platform, you have made the right choice. Shopify Plus is probably one of the best b2b solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Did you know that the b2b transactions are projected to be worth $7.66T in 2017? This number overshadows the b2c market in a big way.

With numbers like this, it makes sense to find a way to capitalize on the market, take advantage of the best technology, and stimulate b2b growth.

We will present you 3 major Shopify b2b trends you will want to keep your eyes on this year:

  1. Transactions on the go – Smartphones and tablets have an important impact on how businesses complete transactions, drive traffic, and manage their daily business processes. The customers all over the world are using their devices for product and business research and mobile responsiveness goes a long way to guarantee optimized experiences. With customers shifting to mobile usage, the retailers must find ways to be always on. Shopify lets you carry your b2b business in your pocket. Your product catalog comes with you, meaning you can manage orders and interact with your customers, regardless of where you are.
  2. Unique personalization – When we are talking about unique personalization we don’t think about adding personal monograms but personalizing your customers’ experience. This will help you stand out and give your customers exactly what they want to see and experience in terms of features, function, and style. Shopify sets a great example of how to use personalization, attract more customers, and drive sales. Take advantage of the custom pricing feature which will help you scale the platform to your specific needs.
  3. Effortless digital payments – Digital payments have always been the best payment method in the ecommerce world. With PayPal and Apple pay, there are more ways for online shoppers to pay online. B2B stores need to be able to track payments and process transactions in real time. Shopify integrates your payment processes with your order management, allowing you to send invoices to your customers.

B2B ecommerce solutions like Shopify can help you keep up with these and other emerging trends.